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Hurricane Sandy vindicates the preppers

OPINION Now that Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, those who are paying attention can point to two crystal clear lessons that the storm brought with it.

The first is that there is no crisis that government will not seek to exaggerate and exploit for the purpose of magnifying its control over our lives. The second lesson is that the private citizens and businesses that took responsibility for their well being by being prepared fared far better than those who did not.

Though billed as the "perfect storm," Sandy was not quite the end of the world event that many civic leaders were touting. Compared to the frantic predictions of pundits and politicians, the Category 1 storm ended up as a fairly low level disaster. But you'd never have known that from the way government leaders played up the doom and gloom and ordered the public around like a flock of frightened sheep.

Our increasingly risk averse society has been conditioned to believe that if we give government enough control over our lives, it can protect us from anything. But protecting the public invariably takes a back seat to maintaining control over them.

Even the New York Times promoted the state as savior by touting the idea that "A Big Storm Requires Big Government." But the state didn't exactly deliver on its promises as NYU hospital had to be evacuated after the power went out and its generators shut down. Bellevue Hospital was also evacuated after Testosterone Enanthate Jak Dlugo running out of oxygen tanks and nearly running out of fuel for its generators.

Despite its inflated promises, government proved unable to fulfill its role as protector.

By contrast, Goldman Sachs had its property sandbagged well ahead of the storm. As economist Robert Wenzel Winstrol A Prolaktyna reported, "They certainly weren depending on the government to protect them. And reports indicated that, through out the night, lights remained on in the Goldman Sachs building, while the rest of Wall Street was dark. Which means GS had their own functional power generator(s), better than those at NYU Hospital "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" or Bellevue."

Wenzel points out that even New York Times columnist Paul Krugman boasted of having a generator to help him weather the storm.

The lesson couldn't be clearer; those who wish to be protected during a catastrophe should have their own emergency stockpiles of essential items. This includes having food, water, medicine, clothing, tools, fuel, weapons, ammo, and the basic skills to use them all properly.

The dependent have been trained to view the state as our protector while personal preparedness is regarded as a subversive activity. Preppers are too often viewed as being on the radical fringes of society. But the fact remains that government has a longstanding habit of overpromising and underdelivering when it comes to protection.

This is not intended as a slight against first responders, it is simply the recognition that preppers are part of the solution not part of the problem. They allow the first responders' limited resources to be put to use for those who truly need help.

Self reliance requires a willingness to shoulder personal responsibility though it often incorporates a degree of teamwork such as when neighbors or family members combine their efforts. This means that we need not feel compelled to depend upon the state for our basic needs or security. Self reliance also protects us from the state's well documented tendency to overreact in times of crisis.

When a calamity takes place, it's often in our best interest to have minimal interaction with the state. This was evident in the unconscionable treatment of peaceful property owners in New Orleans who were unlawfully disarmed by police and National Guard troops following Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Sandy has once again shown us that in times of crisis, it is the preppers that can be counted on to take care of themselves.

As for the state? Not so much.

Bryan Hyde is a news commentator and co host of the Perspectives morning show onFox News 1450 AM 93.1 FM. The opinions stated in this article are his and not representative of St. George News.

In any case, this article has two points, both interesting, neither of which I agree with. Regarding the first point, it is simply not true that all governments everywhere have sought to exploit all available crises, let "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" alone the sole purpose of magnifying control over the citizenry. The only sense that can be made of such a statement is nonsense. It may be true that some government officials are plotting to use the particularly mentioned hurricane Sandy to expand some form or portion of government control. It is probably not true that Pericles, Aristides, or Cato the Younger used calamity and crises to magnify their power "buy cheap jintropin online" in government, though it is probably true of Alcibiades and Octavius.

The conclusion that it is usually in our best interests to have minimal interaction with the state after a calamity is a truism I think noone would disagree with. That preppers can be relied upon for anything other than to prep, remains to be seen.

Well, in the Bible there a story about God who provided for a proud and stiffnecked people (probably against His better judgment) during a short journey across a little desert that stood between them and the promised land. What God provided for these ungrateful pests was more than enough for their daily needs; He even provided a double portion every six days so that the people could rest on the seventh from their journey (Now that foresight!). Some of these wiseacres, not content with their divine lot, decided to store up some of God bounty, and thus get a leg up on Him and the competition. But on the next day, these so called economists were feeling pretty foolish when they found that their hoardings had sprouted worms and maggots and was fit for nothing. The rest of the Hebrews probably got a pretty good laugh out of that, about as good a one as I am getting out of you, since, at least in the Western tradition, my Bible trumps your fable.

and Diogenes, and the tub, and so on, and so forth. Or maybe he is not saying that, but I am. Also, it was not my intent to denigrate or make nothing of those who choose to prepare for future dangers by putting aside for tomorrow, whatever it is you happen to be putting aside, or putting aside for. My point, simply, is that I can see how the Bob Cratchetts of the world are to do it, and if I can see how they are to do it, I am not going to think the less of them for it. I am much more likely to say that the fault, if there is one, lies with whole faulty system he is made to live and sweat and breathe and die in. If you are among those who say that he too can put aside, I give up the argument, because I cannot think of one good enough for those who cannot see with their own two perfectly healthy eyes.

In any case, the solution I propose is to give American men and women a real stake in their own independence again. That begins with a return to real ownership of real property and real land. Chesterton. It begins by getting men and women closer some of their own dinners, in the very real sense of a very real garden or chicken coop in a very real backyard owned by someone in a very real state of peasant proprietorship (if you want to call it that). It begins with the principle that what men and women need are trades and not jobs. This is the sort of principles that drove the Ditchling Community in England for almost an entire century. It requires that sort of madly joyful and chaotic leap towards intellectual independence that Mortimer Adler, Ralph Hutchins and the Great Books Foundation made in their colossal attempt at a real and public education. It is to make a beginning in learning based on the principle that men need to "Oxandrolone Powder India" be taught how to think, not what to think if they are to preserve that vital sense of wonder. It is very right to say as a great many people here have posted, that men and women should have a care for their own communities, so much so that government officials will find practically no need to officiate, and government first responders practically no need to respond. But such communities almost never exist except where the citizens Buy Cialis Norway have a stake in their homes and their neighbors and Sustanon 250 Injection Frequency themselves beyond the utility bill and the mortgage.