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This week I admit to being a little distracted for I am still dreaming about the latest entry into my diary

I had my first dream date with that dreamy Nick Simmons! He is so cute!

I have already been planning our future together and thanks to one of my journeys into the future I have acquired a molecular transformer and have decided that my future adult appearance will be in the exact image of my friend and heroine Raquel Welch! I have decided that I will look like she did in the movie One Million B. C.! and I can tell you that Nick thinks she is hot!

He says if I look like Methandienone Msds that when I grow up he can guarantee he will make the wedding!

Won he be shocked when I actually do this! plus I am also able to accelerate time so I can show up looking like this in just a few weeks! and do you realize that means that Gene Simmons will be my Father in law? !

My other big news is I have a pet wolf! His name is White Wolf. Isn he a doll? and he brings me roses!

Well I guess we should get back to the main reason I am here today and that is the continuing story of my grand plan to acquire the journals, papers, stories and magical powers of Boris G.! To help you better understand where I am now we need to look back in time the date is June 28, 2008. Let us take another look at the police record of my case.

Our little Bad Seed Angel Rhoda Penmark

stay in Rome has been a whirlwhind tour through time and it looks as if this may work in your favor for she has been meeting with the Pope regularly which delays her journey to Melbourne.

This gives you more time Boris however do not rest for the game is afoot as Sherlock Holmes would say!

By the way buy cheap jintropin online Holmes has teamed up with Inspector Clouseau in an effort to track this Bad Seed Gal.

Rhoda has been visiting a variety of time periods enough to make ones head spin ala the Exorcist!

She did meet with one Father Damien in Rome at the request of the Pope.

Traveling backward in time she hoped to gain a diabolical understanding of the dark forces

operating in our universe with the idea that this would enable her to take control of them in the hopes of accomplishing her one great aim:

the acquisition of the coveted stories, "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" journals and papers of Boris Oxandrolone And Burns G.

For now we will draw the veil and return later to the encounter with Father Damien. Let us just say one thing in regard to this his encounter with the little tap dancing angel did not help his doubts in regard to his faith in God and the Church.

Her next stop was ancient Rome for some Fun in the Sun with Livia (Wife of Caesar Augustus)

Rhoda became quite fond of and has chosen to emulate the life of Livia. Livia was a Steroids Injection Gone Wrong famous poisoner and arranged the deaths "buy cheap jintropin online" of many of her family members. What a charming lass!

While there Rhoda attended the games with Livia

and Rhoda particularly enjoyed the backstage lecture Livia Bivirkninger gave the Gladiators

just before they went in to the arena:

Livia to the Gladiators: ""You all scum, and you know it, but some of you have a chance here to prove that you a bit more than that I want a good show I don want any kiss in the ring stuff games are being degraded by the increasing use of professional tricks to stay alive, and I won have it know every trick in the book including the pig blood in the bladder. So put on a good show, and there be plenty of money for the living and a decent burial for the dead. And if not I break this guild up. And I send the lot of you to the mines in Numidia".

Rhoda also attended the investiture of Caligula horse, the Noble Incitatis,

and saw him become a Senator of Rome.

Soon thereafter she made arrangements to kidnap Incitatis and bring 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron him back to our time to add him to her menagerie of pets. What a scamp!